Let’s face it.  Wiener is a funny word to an English speaker.  But it is no laughing matter to a German.  That’s because in German ‘wiener’ actually means something from Vienna.  And if you remember that the Germans pronounce their ‘w’s like our ‘v’s then you can see the connection.

Wiener schnitzel is actually the official dish of Austria, but amazingly it has nothing to do with hot dogs like Americans might believe.  Wiener schnitzel is actually breaded and deep fried veal cutlet.  Our hot dog serving, fast food restaurant Wienerschnitzel is an affront to the German language.  The main problems being that by combining the two separate words Wiener and Schnitzel to make one word Wienerschnitzel you change the meaning from being ‘schnitzel in the style of Vienna’ to ‘people from Vienna served prepared in schnitzel’.

The second problem, of course, is that Wienerschnitzel does not actually serve Wiener Schnitzel at all.


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