Ah the Caesar salad!  Who doesn’t love an authentic caesar salad made table side?  Anchovies, raw egg, garlic!  It’s all so delicious. Unless you have a fear of salmonella. 

Why is it called the Caesar salad?  Did Julius Caesar eat them?  Actually the Caesar salad was born in Tijuana, Mexico.  The father of the Caesar salad, Caesar Cardini, was an Italian immigrant to Mexico City.   He worked for a while in Mexico City with European gastronomy.  Then a move to Sacramento positioned him to run a restaurant.  Later he moved to San Diego and did the same.  So why leave the beautiful scenery of San Diego for Tijuana?  Prohibition!  It was there in Tijuana where he created that now famous dressing.  He opened up many of his own restaurants in both Mexico and the United States.  


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