In 2011, 7 trillion Spam messages were sent out to the world.  Spam is that annoying junk mail, not meant for me in particular, that once filled my inbox (thanks Gmail).  But why is it called ‘Spam’?  The origin of this unfortunate email’s name is from a famous Monty Python skit.  In the skit, called ‘Spam’, two customers sit in a diner and decided what they would like to order.  It is breakfast time and everything on the breakfast menu has spam in it.  But one of the customers doesn’t like Spam.  A loud argument between the customer and the waitress ensues.  Then the other diners (all Vikings) start to sing “Spam!, Spam!, Spam!” very loudly. 

The actual meat, Spam, is a joining of the words ‘spiced’ and ‘ham’.


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