If something comes ‘to fruition’ it has produced fruit.  The current definition of the word is the point at which a project is realized.  But originally the word meant the act of enjoying.  In other words, ‘fruition’ once meant ‘the act of enjoying’ but because people heard the word ‘fruit’ in it, the definition changed to mean ‘to bear fruit’.

But why is the word fruit in fruition?  Coincidence?  Nope.  ‘Fruit’ has it’s origins in Latin and meant ‘enjoyment’.  So this circle is really a matter of the chicken and the egg.  ‘Fruit’ meant enjoyment and then ‘fruit’, and ‘fruition’ meant ‘fruit’ which meant ‘enjoyment’ but later turned back into ‘fruit’ without the enjoyment.  Does that make sense?

And as a side note, in some forms of Spanish a strawberry is a frutilla, which comes from this same Latin root.


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