Le Creuset

Lorsque les gens choisissent de s’assimiler, on peut parler de…creuset…s’ils sont contraints de le faire on parle de…autocuiseur.

Translation:  When people choose to assimilate, we can talk about a…melting pot…if they are forced to do so, we talk about a…pressure cooker….

–From the book “La négociation interculturelle chez les filles franco-maghrébines” by Sandrine Gaymard

Le Creuset is a famous brand of French crockery.  Its name was inspired from the original color of the pieces – a now famous bright orange.  A creuset is a hearth.  Iron being melted in one turns that bright color that the designers of Le Creuset loved so much that it became the color of their first piece.

Just like Americans speak of melting pots, the French use the metaphor ‘creuset’ to describe a coming together of different people in one space.



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