Earl Tupper

Tupperware’s success lies within its sealing lid.  That lid, inspired by the lip of a paint can, was created by Mr. Earl Tupper.  But before the lid, Tupper had to figure out how to turn polyethylene slag into a refined and usable material, that flexible and unbreakable material perfect for kitchens.  After mastering the material, he began to manufacture plates, cups and even gas masks that were used in WWII.  But it was that lip which created the first Tupperware and made him millions of dollars.

Tupperware parties were thought up by Brownie Wise in 1950.  A woman with much marketing acumen, she called up Tupper to rave about the success that she had had selling Tupperware at home to party goers.  Tupper and Wise partnered together.  Tupper took his product off retail shelves and made it exclusive to the hostesses of Tupperware parties.  Wise became the first woman on Business Weekly for creating the ‘party plan’ system of marketing.

In 1958, Tupper dismissed Wise due to differing opinions.  She was given a years pay, about $30,000.  Tupper then sold the company for $16 million, divorced his wife, gave up his US citizenship to avoid taxes and bought an island off the coast of Mexico.


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