The Paris-Brest is a French pastry made from a pâte à choux ring and some sort of sweet filling (pastry cream, whipping cream, etc.) in the shape of a wheel. It was invented in 1891 to celebrate the first ever 1200km. (746 mi.) Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle race. This famous ride is the oldest continuously run bicycle event on open roads in the world. The event was first organized to prove the bicycle’s reliability. Bicycles were generally ridden competitively only on enclosed circuits up to that point. Out on the open road they had to face rough conditions, conditions critics thought were impossible for bicycles to overcome. The ride was, however, a huge success. The next ride is in 2015 and is expected to have thousands of participants from around the world. To be counted as a ‘finisher’ of the event you must do it within 90 hours.


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