Hawaiian Pizza and Canadian Bacon


Living high on the hog is a good thing, but conjures up images of rich people riding the backs of portly sows.  The actual meaning of this idiom has to do with the cuts of meat found on the back of the animal rather that those lower down.  Near the back you have the loin, where you get pork chops and Canadian bacon (more on this below).  Lower down you find the feet, hocks and belly.  So living high on the hog means eating from the more desired part of the animal.

Canadian bacon is bacon made from the back of the animal.  The word bacon itself means back meat. This is where America has it all wrong.  For some reason, Americans don’t make bacon from the back, but rather from the pork belly, where there is a lot of fat.  That is why our bacon has marbling whereas Canadian bacon does not.  Outside of the US, our bacon is called American bacon because we are the outliers who deserve the adjective.  In the mid-1800s there was a shortage of pork in the US, and we started importing bacon from Canada, we were surprised to see their (correct) version of bacon, so we named it Canadian bacon.

Canadian bacon is most commonly eaten in America along with pineapple on a pizza known as Hawaiian pizza.  This pizza did not originate in Hawaii, but rather has ancestors in Germany, where they have toast HawaiiToast Hawaii is an open-faced sandwich with a thin slice of ham, melted cheese and a pineapple round garnished with a single maraschino cherry.


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