Perhaps you’ve heard the nickname BW3.  Another common nickname for the joint is B-dubs.  But Buffalo Wild Wings only has two w’s so why the 3?  The trendy wings spot was started in Ohio by a New Yorker who couldn’t find a wings restaurant in Kent.  The original name was Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck.  Mystery solved! But what on earth is weck?

Weck is a type of Kaiser roll topped with kosher salt and caraway seeds.  While a Kaiser roll goes well with savory or sweet toppings, a weck (short for kummelweck) is always savory and is often served as the bread for a roast beef sandwich.  Kümmel means caraway in German.  Weck means roll in some southern parts of Germany.  In most other parts of Germany they say brotchen.  Kaiser, the parent roll of the kummelweck, means ‘king’ and was invented in Vienna to honor Emperor Franz Joseph.  In America, especially New York, a ‘weck’ is thought of as a roast beef sandwich, often referred to as ‘beef on weck’.


One thought on “BW3

  1. Ooh ooh! “Kaiser” comes from the Latin “Caesar,” as in Julius Caesar! The word was (supposedly) pronounced with a “y” sound for the J and a “k” sound for the C.

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